Careful guidance can keep them safe on the internet.

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Cyber-bullying is becoming more widespread, and is perpetrated across a wide variety of channels: emails, forums, blogs, instant messaging, SMS, online games, cell phones, etc.

The anonymity afforded by the Internet is frequently used as a shield by the bullies. Until recently, bullying at school would normally end with the school bell; now however, with cell phones and the Internet, even the bell doesn't bring relief…

Cyber-bullying sometimes takes the form of simple harassment, where the victim receives endless unsolicited emails from the bullies. Yet it can also be far more threatening: sending of malware, public humiliation on the Web, endless spam, distribution of maliciously Photoshoped images, slanderous comments on websites, identity theft…

Victims of this type of bullying will often suffer from depression, insecurity, etc.

How can you tell if a child is being victimized?

Many victims of bullying will not voluntarily come forward to report it. The humiliation itself often causes them to remain silent, making it more difficult to detect these cases of bullying and deal with them.

Typically, this type of harassment involves children from 11 to 15-years-old. Victims are often singled out because they are shy, withdrawn or simply seen as ‘different’ by the bullies. Those without a stable group of friends also tend to be among those most picked on.

The best way to prevent cyber-bullying is to encourage communication between children and their parents and teachers, giving young people confidence to talk openly about their problems.

It also helps if children are adequately instructed on how to use new technologies in a way that mitigates these kinds of threats (not revealing personal details on the Web, being wary of strangers…).

Key fact

More than half of children learn how to use the Internet on their own.

More than 80% of children say they feel safe on the Internet.

3 simple steps to protect yourself

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