Careful guidance can keep them safe on the internet.

Companies taking part in the “Kids on the Web” campaign

Web of Trust

When you are doing online research, surfing the Net for fun, opening a link in an email message, or even shopping online, a little browser add-on called Web of Trust helps you know which sites are safe to click on and which sites are risky. WOT is a safe surfing tool that uses a traffic-light style rating system to help you stay safe when you search, browse, and shop online. Website ratings are updated by the WOT community and from trusted sources like Panda Security. You can rate sites too! So keep your computer and your personal information protected by installing WOT. is the largest, Spanish-language IT security virtual community. It specializes in offering information, tools and direct assistance to prevent, combat and resolve all types of problems with viruses, spyware and malware in general, voluntarily and free of charge.

You can take part as well

1. Post any of the campaign banners on your website or blog or link to from your Web page.

2. Share the information we offer by recommending this campaign to your friends. Recommend the campaign

3 simple steps to protect yourself

1.- Install Panda Internet Security 2010, a security suite that allows you to use your computer with complete peace of mind.

>> Download Panda Internet      Security 2010 with three      months’ services free

2.- Install a free security add-on in your browser.

>> Download WOT (Explorer)

>> Download WOT (Firefox)

3.- Download our online guide and find out about the biggest risks to children on the Internet.

>> Download the ‘Kids on the      Web´guide.

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